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Originally Posted by Captain Sand Dune
This policy is applicable to all RAAF pilots. The fast jet world is hurting for numbers. The non-FJ units are over-stocked with pilots. The reasons why are another argument altogether.
It's basically supply and demand. It's their train set, so they recruit and man as they see fit. Personally I reckon there's better ways to go about it, but apparently the opinion of a 28+ years pilot doesn't count for much.

I guess one way around it is to say you want to go FJ, fail the course and get posted to where you want to go anyway!. One word of advice though, don't tell them you want to fly "bizjets" (I assume you mean VIP). The RAAF wants combat aviators, not airline pilots.
Thanks for the clarification CSD, that's helpful. I am personally aiming for fast jets, but I was curious about the other roles and I know it would be relevant for others on here so I asked the question. I guess it's just another hurdle in a string of many to jump over... if that's what it takes then bring it on
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