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You are going to blow a foofer valve over what.....rumours. That's all, nothing but rumours on a rumour network. So why stress, why take it personal, why demand answers to questions from Kharon when likely he doesn't have the answers because rumours are just that - rumours, unconfirmed truths? This is a rumour network is it not?
Quite true yet there are some who consider that this thread is the most important forum to aviation since the Chicago Convention of 1944!

If it is merely the rehashing of rumours and innuendo and doesn't serve any real purpose but to allow a vocal minority the opportunity to indulge in quips and quibbles then it has long since served its purpose. I have stated before that all the references to Minnie Bannister and Gobbledock makes the aviation community look foolish at best and idiotic at worst if the intended readership is the Austalian Senate!

However while people like Sarcs and PAIN_NET continue to post useful links and factual information then it has a reason to stay open. Even Sunfish provides useful background information on the character traits of some executives of large organisations.

I am not disagreeing with the premise that the bureaucracy of CASA and the ATSB is flawed but lets keep the discussion relevant and not a depository for cast-off scripts from 50's radio programs
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