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Red face

Oh dear, take a chill pill Herr Algie. You are going to blow a foofer valve over what.....rumours. That's all, nothing but rumours on a rumour network. So why stress, why take it personal, why demand answers to questions from Kharon when likely he doesn't have the answers because rumours are just that - rumours, unconfirmed truths? This is a rumour network is it not?

Henchmen? Hope you are not aiming that rumour at myself? Not me surely?
I would never be a henchman, however i do freelance as a 'Protection Servant' and steer Kharon around on a Kevlar fortified houseboat which also has bullet proof glass, mounted weapons, it's own oxygen supply, and some additional 'shelfware'. It is a dangerous job being a houseboat Captain on the River Styx, or a Senator for that matter.

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