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MOIE# 1489 –"I have had numerous similar issues relayed to me over the years. In fact in the past few weeks alone a number of people have contacted me to tell me their own story of bullying, miscarriage of justice or reprisal. I can only imagine what other information has been provided to the Senators, PAIN or Messr Phelan."
HMHB # -"The more evidence presented the clearer a pattern of behaviour is demonstrated and less likely that everybody who has an issue is deluded, mad and the ills of society."
DJ –Sub 22 –"As the release of the report draws near, I thought I would share a few things with the Committee that have been worrying me for some time. I have left the details alone and sought to frame the bigger picture, as ultimately this is what really matters."
GADRVR # 1494 -:Under oath...... appropriate forum!
Now THAT sounds like a whole lotta fun!!!
Guess some people may be needing some personal legal help,
Life's good!"
There are probably enough cogent statements, now in the right hands, to create a stark and realistic picture of how the CASA directs it's inutile operatives and provides support while they achieve their dubious results in the name of safety for the Australian travelling public.

GAD has the right of it, if the Senate dare allow the truth out, for the public to judge; someone, somewhere is going to need help, if they are to have a chamber pot left to piss in.

Oh, was that it? - when are you going to bring on the fast bowler. 320,000 runs: they must be getting a bit panicky out there, but if that's the best you boys have got - game over. Back to my pole dancing, now there's a picture.....

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