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Sociopaths destroy corporate long term performance because they demoralise and destroy the workforce. I watched one progressively force out extremely competent people who had made hundreds of millions for the organisation. They replaced these people with other know nothing sociopaths.

In addition they won't train or nurture anyone who might be a threat, and anyone with natural leadership qualities is regarded as a threat. Even making a constructive suggestion or remedying a problem can get you fired because you are implying that the boss isn't perfect - seen it happen.

The end state of the organisation is a very scared and dysfunctional workforce/ workplace. Everyone is always watching their backs and living in fear of the next diktat from on high. Defects and non performance is hidden because it will result in immediate dismissal and no one but the "magic circle" of sycophants around the sociopathic boss has any idea what is going on, and even that changes regularly at the bosses whim.

I had one ask me to review an investment portfolio. the "desired result" was a positive report bEcause that would mean an investment by us and a Board seat in the investment fund for my sociopath boss. I reported the portfolio was crap so sociopath tried to go behind my back. Subsequently at a convenient time my position became redundant.

I wouldn't know if CASA fits this pattern or not. The signs are always the same. Good people arriving and leaving after a short time. Unexplained policy changes and unexplainable inconsistencies. capriciousness.
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