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Everybody makes "mistakes" and moves on. A PC is not about failing someone, its about checking to a certain level (standard) of competency to pass.

Of course you fly for a company known to have a problem, as drawn out by yourself;

"..Is this a problem ? Well in an airline with big picture thinking and checkers with the experience to see real problems as opposed to interpretations of convention, then NO . In an airline where the minutiae and pet SOP crowd dominate and subsequently good pilots' careers and health are the casualties, then yes it is a problem..."
Is shouldn't be that hard to go do a PC on the simulator. Deal with what comes your way and if/when you make "mistakes" correct the best you can. I know of NO aero plane that can't be landed safely - even after self-induced "extras". Surely the CX mouth music may fail during the session - but in the world outside CX, that is almost expected - nobody cares - life goes on and the job got done (or you failed/partially failed).

Perhaps some of you would benefit from not giving a shit and just go-do the PC. To much bitching and mourning about the stupid system - just deal with it. It's CX - BUT It's just an airplane/simulator.

PS; don't forget to have fun

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