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Thanks for your response.

I realize that the issue has a security element to it but the point needs to be emphasized that ACARS & ADS systems cannot take over the flight controls of an aircraft, and that isn't a security issue, that is a design feature, knowledge of which is available to anyone. For heaven's sake, no "black SUVs" are going to show up for discussing such an issue!

I'm not disputing claims of interference through vulnerabilities, I am disputing the claim that such vulnerabilities represent a threat to the physical control of airliners beyond the ability of flight crews to counter. Let us not conflate the issue such that all manner of rumour be taken at face value for fact.

In general, let us not raise and embrace the possibility, then refuse to discuss it out of some concern for secrecy or security. If the threat is real, demonstrate how it is thus using commonly available knowledge and information. I have made some points regarding why I think this is nonsense but claim no expertise in any area other than flying these cable-pulley, hydraulic and fbw transports. Tell me as a pilot why such concerns should be taken seriously when there is a flight crew on board that can manually fly the airplane.

When someone here who both embraces these claims (that airliners can be "taken over" by ACARS or ADS commands through the FMS directly controlling the flight and engine controls, autoflight on or off), and can describe the method or process by which this is made possible and cannot be defeated by the cockpit crew, then perhaps we can take this threat seriously.

I would think that the risks are far higher in terms of corporate espionage for data that airlines are always desperate to gather on their competitors. But that kind of hacking is not new and it doesn't threaten flight safety.

nombody, thanks for the link. The preso reminds me of something Von Daniken or Velikovsky would put out.


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