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Like Chevvron, I remember Bovingdon well. Living near Great Missenden, I would frequently see c.47s doing circuits in the distance. Curiosity ruled, and my cousin and I cycled there in our early teens. This will amuse Chevvron. We went via Berkhamsted and then up the hill, approaching from the East!!!!!!. Only did that once, then found a better way. Saw a Meteor T7 overrun the runway, ending up with a collapsed port undercarriage etc. My parents disbelieved me, until they read it in a small news item in the next days Telegraph!. As Chevron says, all those aircraft, plus a B.66, an A.26 Invader, T33 Shooting Star, Skyways of London Connies and Hermes, even got flown over by a B.45 Tornado!!. Very much stimulated my interest, and [like Chevvron, I believe] I joined the ATC, became a Staff Cadet at RAF Halton, 613 Gliding School, went on to PPL and Skydiving, married a very pretty girl from Chesham Bois 42 years ago, still together, and still retain my aircraft interest, visiting museums and shows at diverse places such as Venezuela and South Africa. etc. though not so much now. She wants to Cruise these days!!!/ Regards, John.

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