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Cigarettes & Chocolate

Coming from Bearsden, I've noticed that anytime I go somewhere stupid those static bus conductors ([frontier] gov't employee; blue shirt, epaulettes & most likely a moustache) are looking for a little acknowledgement of their status.
Irritatingly, I've had to pay US Dollars to leave their idiot country.

If you can manage to carry a few sleeves of 200 Marlboro & some half bottles of malt whisky, it may well prove handy over the route to ease the passage when necessary. Additionally, very simple EU chewing gum & sweets gifts seem welcome with far away folks.

May well be it's now 2013 for sure, but possibly still kindergarten trophies are needed for these people ~ probably a little Toblerone or Lindt would ease some issues in passing as well. Guess now maybe it's microSD cards pre-loaded with the most recent Top Of The Pops that'd be.....?

John Reid's foolishness has now meant I can't take a small bottle of Buckfast in my hand luggage these days, so I'm sunk good style with Johnnie Foreigner ~ for it's a new friend maker absolutely.

Gonnae post any prep work in OK-land videos?


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