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I am a big easyJet fan and have worked there many years. The New Entrant Contract, however, is a shambles and has caused nothing but trouble. Indeed, it may yet lead to a strike at easyJet. My hope is that the Company are going to look long and hard at the implications of this imposed contract and return to the table with a credible plan to get out of the mess.

Nonetheless, there are a few points worth making here for those thinking of coming to easyJet as there is some ill-informed disinformation on this thread that needs to be corrected. Both our CEO and Head of Flight Operations, who is the driving force behind our latest recruitment campaign, are absolutely adamant that these are permanent contracts that WILL, not may, result in full-time employment by easyJet as regular employees after 2 years probation (ie on flexicrew). Therefore, subject to satisfactory performance as is the case with every airline on the planet, you will be given a permanent contract. Clearly this begs the question as to why we are having the first two years administered by a company like Parc Aviation, who in my view have no place at easyJet. I cannot give a satisfactory answer to that, but I can say 'watch this space'. There is a lot likely to change in the coming days, and it can only be for the better. Once BALPA and our management actually get round a table again I am hopeful of a proper thrashing out of some of the problems. The key change likely to happen is that all the selection will be done at the beginning rather than after 2 years and it will just be the Base Captain that signs off your permanent contract. That means if you have turned up to work when you should, not drawn unhealthy attention to yourself on your sim checks and not been a berk you will be permanently employed as a matter of course. This therefore is not a risk and you should not fear not being employed as a permanent employee of easyJet at the end of two years - you will be. I hope that helps.
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