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We’ll be offering fixed term contracts, direct employment opportunities and have a new UK contract proposition that leads to permanent employment opportunities.
Above quoted directly from easyJet website.

Hopefully there will be some clarification forthcoming from easyJet on this statement as to what will actually be on offer. I want to believe that this will be an excellent opportunity, however, I don't think that I personally would be giving up a full-time permanent job (especially if self-sponsoring a TR) for only a fixed term contract. Unless of course, as someone stated above, my company was on the "precipice of administration".

It strikes me that companies want pilots to make safe, sensible decisions based on assessing risk (or Threats these days) and act accordingly. Yet in your first move with eJ you could be expected to wager the expense of a TR and giving up your existing job on the prospect of a fixed term contract. Undeniably it is good that this is not a flexicrew contract and undeniably eJ are a very strong and secure company. However it still appears to me (based on what I have read on the website) as excessive financial risk-taking for anyone in full-time employment already. I do wonder just how many pilots will be willing to accept this deal in its current apparent form.

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