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Ok, this is throwing up a good few questions in my mind. I don't think anyone would be able to advise me though as I don't think anyone knows what the answers are yet!

The main one I have though is that the advert states "fixed term contracts". So is this just going to be a 6 month seasonal thing with a chance of being kept on at the end? Obviously, no matter how shaky the ground is in the current place, I do not want to get involved in anything that would move me to a more risky position 6 months down the line. If this is the case, is it akin to the deal that you're kept on, if your performance is satisfactory?

I'll double read through this thread in a bit to see if the answer is out there already, but my main reservation as an experienced pilot is that I could be potentially shooting myself in the financial foot with no guarantees on longevity of the job.
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