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Gorter if you are looking for a quick command don't come to easyJet. Currently time to command is already over 6 years (for cadets that started 6 years ago) and that is only going to increase. I suspect the present command list is enough for the next 3 years.
Obviously with experience you will need to do at least 2 good recurrent sims (1 year) with easyJet before you are allowed to start the command process. And that list is even longer then the command list. During that year obviously more people will join the list ahead of you. Which will go a lot faster as well since people can now apply to start command process at 2000hrs factored instead of 2500 (plus 2 good sims).
The command system has changed so that unsuccesful candidates are no longer kicked back to the back of the queue, but get frozen in their position. So there is less fallout that could expidite your move up the list.

All in all, I wouldn't expect an experienced DESFO to get a shot at command before 4-5 years from joining.

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