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AF 447 Thread No. 11

Thread part -

This thread series started out of an earlier thread which starts here and finishes here.

Another, slower moving, thread on the subject and covering the period from the original thread, above, and the start of thread #4

Total posts to date 17634 .. with in excess of 2.7 million views overall.

Links to the various BEA reports are given below. If I have missed any of the useful papers, please PM me with the URL and I can include it.

(a) BEA site - French, English
- Report link page - French, English

(b) Interim Report (No, 1) Jul 2, 2009 - English

(c) Interim Report No. 2 Dec 17, 2009 - English
- Update Dec 17, 2009 - French, English

(d) Estimating the wreckage location Jun 30, 2010

(e) Wreckage search analysis Jan 20, 2011

(f) Briefing and associated update May 27, 2011
- Briefing - update French
- Briefing - update English
- Briefing - update German
- Briefing - update Portugese

(g) Interim Report No. 3 July 2011 - French, English

(h) Links to final report Jul 5, 2012 and associated documents.

Miscellaneous pertinent links -

(a) Airbus Operations Golden Rules
(b) ALPA FBW Primer
(c) C* and Civil Transports - Cranfield
(d) Longitudinal Flight Control Design - RAeS
(e) Longitudinal Stability: Effect of High Altitude and CG - Boeing
(f) pitot static system performance - USN (Pax River) FTM
(g) The Problem of Automation: Inappropriate Feedback and Interaction, Not Over-Automation. Donald A. Norman UCSD
(h) Upset Recovery - 16MB zip file
(i) Ironies of Automation. Lisanne Bainbridge UCL
(j) Cognitive Capability of Humans. Christopher Wickens Uni Illinois
(k) Trust in Automation: Designing for Appropriate Reliance John D. Lee, Katrina A. See; Human Factors, Vol. 46, 2004
(l) Training for New Technology. John Bent - Cathay Neil Krey's CRM site

Search hint: You can search PPRuNe threads with a filter in Google by using the following search string example -

ths af447 site:

This will search for mentions of THS in the AF447 threads of tech log only.

Just change the THS in the string to whatever you want to look for. This allows one to search for any term or phrase of interest throughout the threads.

Adding the site:URL end part is the magic that restricts Google to only searching in Tech Log.

This filter technique is absolutely wonderful and can be used generically to find things of interest in PPRuNe - appears to work OK in the PPRuNe search function as well.

In respect of Google searching, JenCluse has added some suggestions -

a) indenting the text block with a (one) Tab, *and*

b) emphasizing the fact that it is a search text block with some manner of . . .
<SearchText>, or

Another search engine approach tailored for AF447 can be found here.
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