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I agree with JS

There is no LOGIC involved in the recruitment, operational policies, or in fact any level of live over here.

It is disorganised Chaos.
Thats why many people love it, and many hate it. I love it.

The recruitment and general hiring in EU is totally different, so just jump thru the hoops.

As JS said the Pilots air law exam was and I suspect still is a joke. A hangover from UK CAA 1960's..... Many questions were either incorrect or vague. I suspect so the pass/fail rate could be balanced as required. Question 1, had 4 answers, the correct answer was .................... not included as an option.

Please read all the posts about the UAE, and make your own decision based on your needs...... The salary is OK, the conditions are OK...if bringing family, beware it will be expensive, and spouse will almost certainly not last the term of your contract.

SERCO (as a Pilot, not a train or plane controller) have a good reputation, but are only the voice of the management.

Take care out there (here).

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