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Hi to all.

Not trying to hijack your ATC thread (I am an EK skipper) but the UAE is very matter of fact that you have to be able to jump hoops to get the job you want. Unfortunately HR and other departments all seem to get an input into recruitment and promotions and create an endless case for these selection procedures in the Middle East.

Having said that, as a global operator, the ATC in the UAE and especially the Dubai controllers are extremely professional and a joy to work with. I kid you not that Dubai airspace particularly, is constantly as busy it seems as the London TMA so be prepared to work hard in a demanding enviroment.

The controllers are paid well I am told and life in the Middle East is good if you are willing to fit in and make the most of it.

Good luck to you all and regarding those tests being inappropriate, the Air Law exam I had to do here a decade ago was a farce and an embarrassment to take. A lot of the questions were inaccurate and around 40% of them were completely out of date with modern aviation. With PDC installed in Dubai now there is massive efforts in this rejion to make it as modern as can possibly be and I think for anyone working here in aviation, it is a good place to be right now.

Regards to all.
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