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Tankertrashnav, indeed! But what about the No.2 IA drill when you also had to undo the locking lever thing, pull the barrel forward, turn the gas regulator another notch using a .303 round, replace barrel, lock, recock, then carry on firing....all while the North Korean hordes were charging at you blowing their bugles?

My late father told me that, during pre-WW2 national service, the 'weapon normally, weapon stops' was practised so frequently with whatever type of machine gun they used, that one Welsh comic piped up "'scuse me, Corporal, but if this bloody gun keeps stopping, indeed to goodness, why don't we get a better one which doesn't?". That earned him extra spud peeling for a couple of days!

During some lecture back in the days of 35mm slides, the carousel failed to advance with the usual zzzz....clunk noise of the time. The lecturer then went into a well-practised routine of "Projector projecting normally, projector stops. Power off, magazine off, clear the action (and out flew the jammed slide), magazine back on, power on, continue projecting!"
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