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From Boeing...

In Boeing's view, neither incident met the company's internal definition for the condition called "thermal runaway". That is a situation in which there "is so much energy, so much heat and so much flame that it would put the airplane at risk", Sinnett says. "We know very clearly this was not the case in the Logan event and the Takamatsu event."
Told ya' it was just a question of scale (quantity), not type (quality)....

The problem is one of 'perception', and Boeing takes a more forgiving position; as the chief regulator, Boeing has that 'option'.

Nothing visible in the new program hasn't been broached on PPRuNe, at length, with numbers, by professionals.

So here is a prime example of Political process leaking into the industrial. When caught out, "damage control", deny, and divert attention. Bamboozle the majority, and wait things out...

Two new braided and robust ground straps, better QC in Japan, tweaks to BMU and BCU, a nifty box and tube, BYU......

(bob's yer uncle). The waiting game....
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