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please refrain from quoting google translation without knowledge of 'local language'. It's handy for general gist, but it may not be the best with Slavic languages and grammar.

"Police opened a criminal investigation for the killing. According to police spokesman Michael Hanus pilot alcohol detected"
Not sure about your knowledge of Central Europe and specifically Slovakia, but:

1) police 'investigation' is standard admin/bureaucratic procedure in case of accident and damage, even if it's just mishap, obvious cause, whatever. It's the police force's duty to start such paperwork regardless. It's like 'investigation' for public endangering in case of random fire in forest or abandoned warehouse etc.

2) The statement in Slovak language mentions NO ALCOHOL IN BLOOD DETECTED. Again, standard thing to mention in case of any traffic/transport accident.

The journo grossly underestimated actual damage/repair cost, quoting 40k EUR. Dropping one zero or just pulling it out of .Yeah right. tail gone, MR folded, water damage, front shield/panel gone, shock decel and water submersion to turbine etc etc.

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