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Its time you stopped believing what your friends have to say . If they say something ask them to prove it with documentary proof

Everything from the flow chart to the Aircraft rules 1937 Schedule II to the CPL application form say the same thin

You need the 200 hours within the past 5 years
and you need to fly them asap .

The DGCA will count the hours backwards from the date of application at the DGCA .

But you also need the following within 5 years

1. 200 TT
2 100 SOLO
3. 50 SOLO XC over 100nm
4. 40 hours of Instrument ( Min 20 on aircraft , max 20 on SIM )
5. 300nm XC

All these requirement should be met within 5 years from the date of application at the DGCA and not just the 200 TT

Also before you go back to Canada for flying get the DGCA FRTOL and Student Pilot license so that you can come back and immediately give the skill test in India
Only go to Canada once you have these two in hand . Some people apply for it and leave only to come back and find out the DGCA still has not issued it
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