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The Hooded One has left the building! More CASA musical chairs.

Hoody has commenced his new role at ASA as 'General Manager Demand and Capacity Management'!
A somewhat robust title, but I am sure he will enjoy the challenge flanking Frau Staib. Hopefully he will get more support over there than he got from the Volvo driving false teeth brigade at CASA. He did manage to accomplish a couple of decent things at FF, and in a previous life at ASA the robust one kicked a few goals. However I am sure time will tell.
I know that many of the safety zealots at Fort Fumble are eagerly anticipating the anointing of the new EM Operations to lead them forward on their safety journey, and it has been rumoured previously the names Rossiter or Campbell spring forth! Should be interesting to see over the next few weeks.

So I guess the questions one could ponder is does he leave a sound platform behind for others to work from?
Has he left a positive stain on aviation regulatory advancement?
Will he still be going jogging most workday mornings prior to work?
Did his former CASA bosses give him a robust farewell meal which included pineapples or chocolate frogs? (I know his bosses would have eaten marshmallows, gummy bears and soup as their old gums are a bit soft these days and the are alergic to swiss cheese, plus dinner would have been held at 1500 pensioner time).

Yes indeed, the Hooded one will be warmly accepted into ASA, but the question is will he truly be able to make some of the changes so desperately needed or will he be merely applying glitter to yet another turd?

'Safer skies might be Hoody skies'

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