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Bring on the fast bowler.

Dear old FF, blast from a murky past. I had vaguely noticed a distinct lack of 'police' type threats being issued lately; pretty poor show when it's all bluff, buggery and no action. Shame really; they were always good for a quiet chuckle or two.

Perhaps he will set his fearsome sights onto the case of the "Brown Nose Wabbit", you know the one where porky pies are discussed in court; paperwork gets 'lost' or can't be used 'cos the date maybe wrong. Don't see a threat of legal or police action occurring there, no Sir. Plenty of work there for them though.

Or perhaps he may fancy explaining words like collusion, hypocrisy, mendacity or even impeachment. Being a fearless Casasexual exemplar, the explanations should trip off the tongue in an easy manner, just so we, the great unwashed may be educated. Better send David Fawcett a memo, he'll want to hear why we all have it so very, very wrong.

Bullies, cowards and liars always have a problem when confronted with something they can't bluff their way around. Perhaps from his exalted position he could peruse some of the "in camera" submissions, and then try take the Mickey Bliss out of that lot; maybe Hempel is just a figment of our overheated imaginations; Canley Vale is just another glowing report on how good a system we have, he may even have a retrospective look a Lockhart and explain that one away (again). Now assuming the super star of CASA defenders managed to explain that lot away; he still has to face John Quadrio who is looking forward to an early, comfortable retirement. I wonder why?.

No, we just must hope they don't send that master wordsmith Wodger the Weport Wabbit out to the crease, that wabbit can swing a bat. Nah mate, Gobbles has lost his arch enemy (much to his regret), we have only lost a spoiler, bully and a teller of fairy stories designed to frighten the kiddies. But not much else.

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