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Confirmed no NVM / no logging of details.

  • 10:21:01 Primary failure - cell short of #3
  • 10:21:04 Secondary failure - Large current (45A) for 3 seconds overcharging and damaging remaining 7 cells and driving them into _electrically_ induced runaway. TBD whether this is due to charger not shutting down or parasitic connection to a power source (Main Bat).
  • 10:21:27 Tertiary failure commences. Electrically induced runaway of #1, #2, #4, short of cell #6 along the way feeding more heat into #5, #7, #8. Smoke and fire.
TBD what caused Primary failure.

I suspect that NTSB schematic is simplified. It appears that there is no cell balancing. This would be ridiculous because it would lead to cell overvoltage and to Primary failure.

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