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docket link

The PPRuNe site inserts considerable overhead on links, presumably as part of a scheme to get paid for forwarding traffic in some cases.

If you can get to the NTSB site, you may find it helpful that the docket ID for this matter is 54251.

Before PPRuNe tampers with it, the following is a direct link to the docket page, and this time I've asked PPRuNe not to "automatically parse links in text". Possibly it will work better for some.

I did test the previous one before posting--and aside from the mentioned long delays an intermittency, it did work in both FireFox and Chrome. For this one, you would need to copy and paste the URL I provided directly to a browser address bar, then wait a while, then click on the March 7 Materials lab report link, wait some more, then click on the "View" button. This all worked in both Firefox and Chrome for my own testing just a few minutes before finalizing this post.

A more direct link to the actual March 7 materials lab report page, if it works for you, should only require an initial wait, then clicking the View button, then a download wait--but won't work well if your browser is not configured for convenient pdf viewing.

That last link I tested in Internet Explorer as well. Assuming the PPRuNe site does not hide these (they were plainly visible and able to be copied in the preview I could see) they should work.
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