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Thanks for spotting my "deliberate" (!) mistake.

Hi Lyman,

I now understand the thrust of your argument - thanks. Don't accept all of it, however. It's true that the six 2V cells in a 12V lead-acid car battery can't be separated without destroying the battery (AFAIK).

You are also right to point out the cascade effect from one short-circuited cell to its neighbours, which doesn't seem to happen in lead-acid batteries (and perhaps not in NiCds, but I'm not sure).

I infer you are saying that Boeing has claimed that an hour of battery time represents eight hours' experience. If so, can you direct me to a quote?

You argue that, because each 3.7V LVP-65 cell (which you refer to as a "battery") has three electrodes, that equates to having 3 cells within each. That seems a non-sequitur to me, and the Yuasu LVP-65 data sheet suggests otherwise. The LI-Ion battery in my mobile phone also has a nominal voltage of 3.7V, so does it have three cells? Or are your three cells wired in parallel?
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