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Chris Scott
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It's time for another statement from Boeing/FAA/NTSB. This rumour mill is getting out of hand. Surely the customer airlines cannot be expected to do it. The credibility of the joint world-leader in airliner manufacture is slowly bleeding. Not a prettty sight.


.... are you on board with the "Eight Battery" Battery? Not the "Eight Cell" "Battery"?

I presume you, like me, have at least one conventional automobile, using recent - but not cutting-edge - technology. They each have a 12V DC electrical system, whose en-route power supply is some kind of engine-driven generator, backed up by a battery to cater for short-term contigencies. However, the main task of that battery is to provide a very high current for a few seconds to turn the engine's starter motor. (With me so far?)

In most cases, the 12V battery will be of the lead-acid type, consisting of eight 1.5V cells in series.

Are you telling me now that my car has 8 batteries? If not, please explain the difference in plain, simple English, if that's possible.

Boeing used the "Eight Cell" concept to inflate their line experience.

Can you decode that for me?
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