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Sunfish, you hit the mail on the head. I won't elaborate on the methods CASA use, Flyingfiend would be most upset, but you are bang on the money. Snakes and Ladders and Smoke n Mirrors have been played on many occasions.

Kharon, you absolutely nailed it in one. You should throw some Powerpoints together, print out a glossy brochure and present your idea (as a Consultant) to Government and presto, we have a solution (plus you earn a nice little bank account top up).

And I'm thinking something else here. Australia has provided aviation assistance to our neighbours. Now this was done at a time when we had better standards, systems and management than we have today in 2013. Plus a lot of those good people who did that work are now gone. So, perhaps we could ask those third world countries to assist Australlia? After all they now seem to have the expertise and we don't?

'Safe skies are no longer our skies'
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