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Nirvana- dream on.

Change Director to Directorate : make it a panel of three so that the megalomaniac bullying, lying, cronyism and plain incompetence of one can be diluted and balanced. Make all of them personally accountable to the Estimates committee. Quarter year reports, the works. Make them accountable. Funding directly from Estimates each and every "Safety" dollar transparently accounted for and weighed against benefit.

With malice and aforethought, get rid of the useless board, sever the DoIT connection; break Ministerial power to influence anything: replace it with the Estimates.. Make the Directorate responsible to the Estimates committee. Make them accountable.

Before any of this 'Renta Judge' should be contacted and an independent hired; given a couple of industry analysts, a couple of good lawyers, three or four Goffas and a brief to examine the legality of CASA actions, encouraged to prosecute the blatant outrages inflicted on industry. Give the political support required to weed out the rubbish gathered behind shrubberies and such. Even when it gets shipped off to WA to hide behind the remote pot plant thickets, safe from letters of outrage, protest and personal legal challenges.

Easier alternative; quicker, less expensive - pick an industry team, give them cricket bats and turn a blind eye for about a week; not pretty but really, really effective. Rough justice sign here. Yes, understand it's not legal and painful; however: Quid pro quo, Clarisse.

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