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Frank and halfmanhalfcreambun, you forgot the ever popular internal CASA gem -Casawary. The robust internal newsletter containing all manner of pony poo.
It's probably not as good as Mi Mi Mick Quinns DCEO reports which were in video format featuring himself! That robust method of spreading the CASA love was quickly knocked on the head by John Francis. It's a shame really as it was a robust method of 'safety promotion' and meets one of the elements of the SMS!
Sadly for Mick one day he was virtually Captain of the ship, next day he couldn't even find a life raft! Aargh such are the perils of life working for the (R)egulator.

Definitely the new boss hog will have robust shoes to fill. The tote is still showing high odds in favour of one of the GWM jagging the top job once The Skullinator finishes his contract later in the year, but a rank outsider could yet be slim chance at getting his/her nose out of the starters trough and over the finish line first!
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