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Have just been reading through the latest Hansard for Feb 28 as it is now online.
I must say the Beaker certainly was quite smug on occasions.

Of interest is the discussion about the Indonesian November 6 2008 accident report in which the ATSB assisted with the investigation. This was done of course as part of the ITSAP program in which assistance in a number of aviation areas was given to the Indonesians by Australia, after the Garuda prang in Jogjakarta in 2007. Now, as no surprise to some, guess who spent a good 2 years helping, training and mentoring our neighbours in accident investigations? You guessed it, Alan Stray. Once again this gentleman's name pops up in all the right places as he was a stellar investigator, people person and man of integrity. No doubt that is one of the reasons he went over there to assist them because he was sick of banging his robust head against brick walls in Australia.

The chickens have come home to roost. The amount of chook manure being dumped in Australian territory, including the Senate, is outstanding!
The ATSBeaker is full of 'rooster booster'. One simply has to ask just how much more the industry can take of Beaker, Ian's Sandwich and Jules Verne.....

'Safer skies appear to be Indonesian skies'

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