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OBR - Afterthought.

Cherry picked from ATSB:-

An OBR is an on-board recording and is the term used in the TSI Act to describe a recording that consists of sounds and/or images of persons in the control area of a transport vehicle. The other requirements include:

Any part of the recording was made at the time of the occurrence of an immediately reportable matter that involved the transport vehicle.

The confidentiality provisions in the TSI Act regarding OBR recognize the context in which OBR are installed, which is to provide valuable safety information to assist in determining the factors that relate to a serious occurrence.

A recording only becomes an OBR on the occurrence of an immediately reportable matter and the Chief Commissioner must issue a declaration that the OBR is not to be treated as an OBR if the ATSB does not investigate the immediately reportable matter. (My bold).
The existing system of 'cherry picking' investigation may well suit the budget conscious office wallah, but it's no where near good enough, is it?. It has been my experience that a lazy, half arsed approach quickly becomes a normalised deficiency; like kids, horses or dogs getting bad habits early in the piece; they are really difficult to correct later, ask any competent C&T pilot.

When cherry picking, of course you can make a thing read (or seem) to be exactly as you want it to. Had some fun with "selected" lines from the Hansard of "Beaker-speak" ; it's no where near accurate or in context, but funny and sinister at the same time. Misquoted sure, but did he say the lines yes. Sorry boys NFP.

The debate over what shall and shall not be investigated could easily be ended by simply stating all IRE will be investigated. If the event is serious enough to warrant being framed in law as "Immediately Reportable", then Shirley, it must be serious enough to be investigated.

Has beaker been seduced by the dark side of the force, or is he part of the evil empire? Hunting with hounds and running with foxes has always been a risky sport. Particularly when the hunt is chasing wolves: or wabbits.

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