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Well all the same

I haven't been visiting long time but looks all the same

Rumors about a murder in Doha committed by a qr pilot - as usual nobody comments, as usual put under the carpet

Now everybody has to do an aptitude test, surprisingly and give their actual address

Well qr was the first airline, where I'd didnt do a psycho test, will be interesting with what they come up now

Rumors about housing allowance increase, believe it when u have it on your pay check

And don't forget, the csd/cs is the boss of the aircraft, do not interfere, otherwise u r out

Training upside down because of 787 grounding, cannot blame them actually, all plans crossed.

Rents increasing in Doha again, what to do, like our beloved fellows say

Newspaper announcing 3 per cent inflation, what a non sense, prices went up a lot, especially for schools and food, but no the country is so shiny, 5 star, just log on in www.********.com it couldn't be simpler

Alliance card was the best we had, now look at the new terms and conditions

And not to forget, your annual leave ticket is not that really confirmed anymore, if the aircraft is overbooked, you have lost

Good luck to all

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