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Bit of a lad our John, reminds me of many an old Herk Captain ( A certain Colin comes to mind). I suspect, if he was ever in the mob, he would be out in mufti with his service shoes on every night ! But nice to see an attempt to pay credit to the aircraft and its crews. Look forward to it.
Reminds me of showing some new guy around years ago, on asking how long he'd been out of the RAF, he said I never said I was in the RAF and how did I know, I pointed down at a nicely polished pair of RAF shoes

Looking forward to it, his last one was a damn good show, and not one of these boring bods talking tripe.

And if you never saw his last show, I would recommend it

Bomber Command
John Sergeant pays tribute to the aircrews of RAF Bomber Command who died serving their country and tells the stories of some of the surviving members, including bomb aimer Andy Wiseman, pilot Bill Lucas, rear gunners Bob Gill and Harry Irons, and navigator Harry Hughes. On June 28, the Queen unveiled a memorial in London's Green Park to honour the 55,573 men who gave their lives in bombing raids during the Second World War.


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