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FF Upper echelon caught in the Matrix. Quick somebody dial them out!

Mr Spike, good point. There is indeed some interesting worded documentation pertaining to Lockhart hidden deep within the bowels of TRIM. The difficulty for the Senators is how far does one go in order to seek the truth? A full blown inquiry is probably the only solution to get to the bottom of the worm farm, so to speak. What else is in this blackhole called TRIM? Perhaps internal reports on Canley Vale? Polar Aviation?
Those well practised in circus acts, smoke and mirror performances and spooky escape artist tricks have spent many years shuffling, hiding, burying, and I imagine in some cases 'misplacing' selected information.

I wonder why the 'not so robust' Sky Sentinel computer program has been introduced? Apart from the fact that it be rumoured one of the GWM mates got the I.T contract (did it go out to tender, if so who signed off on it?), the 'off the shelf system' (the Skull would love that) is rumoured to be complete pony poo. One source says it will be a miracle if all data including NCN's are uploaded into the system due to it being so klunky and surprise surprise, time consuming'. This would certainly be at odds with some of Wogers recommendations in his robust report to 'he who shall not be named'? Perhaps it is a case of 'the left DAS doesn't know what the right DAS is doing'?? Was this Sky Sentinel assessed for its capabilities prior to introduction and purchase with taxpayer money? What are the forecast maintenance costs for the system and who maintains it? Is this something that the Senators could ask 'he who shall remain silent at the Senate'?

Then again, on a lighter note, with a name like Sky Sentinel you would expect that FF, aka The Matrix, would thrive on such a system? The characters from the movie could be likened to FF characters;

Neo: The ever powerful Woger
Morpheus: The Doc
Cypher: The 'other' Woger
The Keymaker: Deputy DAS
The Oracle: The ALOO
Agent Smith: The Skull
Agents: Some within the Inspectorate
The Architect: Who other than the Minister for Mascot.

Yet, again, questions to be asked about the internal activities of the CASA.

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