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As complex as it is, it is not complex enough. If they wire each individual battery for a heat signature, they are acknowledging how unreliable the system is. Any outlier temperature above the threshold would cause a shutdown of the entire assembly.

An admission that fire is possible in one cell is an admission that the design is unreliable, per se. And not just because of fire.

"Separation"... Ostensibly to prevent heat transfer. This system is eight batteries, in series. Lose one, lose them all. It does not matter how well the offending cell is isolated, isolation for overtemp fails the system and takes it off line.

There will be fire, that is the purpose of the upgraded box. No one installs a heavy fireproof enclosure if the chance of fire is manageable above its predicted rate of failure. And the rate of failure is not acceptable, box or no box....

Fire or no fire. Why fireproof a system that doesn't work even when it is not burning? The LiIon technology is cargo, in the hold, or as equipment.

Fire is prohibited, not mitigated.

IanW.... Functionality, (Does it "Work"?) is not required to own a Patent.

New? check.... Unique? check..... Does it work? no check.....

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