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F/D not available

My latest QRH revision states:

1.If engaged, the autopilot disengages when α is greater than α prot.
2.If the FD bars are not available, use an initial pitch attitude up to 17.5 with full backstick, if necessary. If needed, to minimize the loss of height, increase this pitch attitude.

So, while the F/D is still available it is not in the desired mode, so I would have to agree with WhyByFlier, disengage AP and fly a max attitude of 17.5deg Nose up, I'd also keep a good eye on the VSI to keep a positive ROC which is what you need and if you get to a full aft stick deflection then so be it.

I think this applies unless there is a logic in the Flight Envelope part of the FAC where the Windshear Warning would override the CLB engagement at Acceleration Altitude.

If such logic exists I don't know of it, but it would not surpise me if it is there.
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