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Yes, I believe in such a cat. The paper is being written.

The Box? A heavier Gauge with hemmed top, to accommodate more and heavier fasteners. Which might be a mistake, the original puffed up, and deformed, but remained affixed. Separate partitions for each individual battery?

Will the box be elevated above the floor, on a stand off base? Will the box have a heavy duct, to transport gases out the hull? More Temp sensors, to facilitate an early shut off? Which of course defeats the purpose of the Battery?

What are the calculations for the box' ability to withstand explosive forces?

These are things that would have been folded into the development phase, had the design more accurately anticipated these failures.

The Accelerated Replacement Program? Boeing obviously knew the problem was the battery. If they thought the case was the issue, would they not have replaced the case along with?

This is a solution. It does not solve the problem of the Batteries. It solves the problem of the grounding.
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