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The discussion regarding terms and conditions SK/DY/RYR or whatever should be kept in a separate thread.


What are the latest number on recruitment? The 40 or so originally posted by you seem to vary from week to week depending on who you ask inside SAS.

At first I understood SAS would release 50 FC on LOA to Etihad but that number has then dereased as far as I know. Some 50 F/Os were set for upgrade quite early this spring but it now seems that the schedule for upgrades has been postponed some time, again.

The (increased) wet-lease of Blue1, Braathens Regional and Cimber over the summer seem to have also reduced the number of crew needed at SAS. What will happen after the summer, especielly with KF, I suppose would also have an impact on long-term (2-3 years) need for new hires.

As far as I understand the last time (Q1-2 -12?) re-hiring took place left about 25-30 pilots on the list from 2003. A couple of weeks ago all pilots that has their application in at "Former SAS Pilot" were asked to update their application and to let SAS know if they were no longer interested in coming back. Still though, there should be an unknown number of former SAS-pilots that have earlier turned down rehiring that might change thir mind. Given the new T&C's I don't see that happening though. There are probably a few on the list that will go back to SAS, but will there be enough for what is needed in 2013?
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