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I see several of you are predicting the doom of SAS in the coming years. I for one sincerely hope that won't be the case.

I'm quite happy with my current employer (it shall remain an anonymous Scandinavian LCC, let's just call it "the flying tampon"), and from our point of view we would like nothing more than to see SAS survive. Why? To be honest, we couldn't ask for a better competitor in our domestic market. We offer two different products which fulfull each other quite well, and i cannot see who would take their place. Ryanair won't do it (once they realize that Avinor can't be bullied into playing the Ryanair game), that's for sure.

There's also one more thing that baffles me. I'm fairly new to the aviation industry and not making anywhere near the numbers you are discussing for SAS captains, but why the focus on what your top salary will be? Isn't it more important that you actually have a decent salary that puts food on the table and a roof over your head, an insurance that covers your family and some sort of a pension fund to cover your later years? Whether you make 800.000 NOK or 1.000.000 NOK seems irrelevant to me, my concern is for the guys and girls making pennies, living out of the suitcases, and with the constant fear of going bankrupt if some drunk idiot decides to hit them with his car on the way back from the pub.

My two cents, i guess.
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