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To me it seems like I heard it before. "next year we'll turn this ship around" but after 10years of hollow promises from one CEO after another why do you think that this time it'll be different? Don't get me wrong, we all hope that SAS will pull through but I just don't see it.

As for CASK DY's is higher than FR but I don't think it's a 100%.

A man far smarter than me, Lars Brynielsson, did this calculation last spring the numbers are in SEK, sorry cptps, the article is only available in Swedish)

"Kostnadsextrema Ryanair finns i komfortintervallet med CASK 0,25. I överlevnadsintervallet finns easyJet med CASK 0,42 och Norwegian med 0,47. Högre upp finns Airberlin med CASK 0,53, Finnair med 0,50 (0,63 med non-airline kostnader) och SAS med 0,80 (0,91 med non-airline och Spanair kostnader). Norwegian har alltså positionerat sig mellan easyJet och Airberlin." Flygtorget » Flygnyheter » Flygnyheter » Norwegian följer lågkostnadskonceptet

So to answer your quetion, yes, I believe in Norwegian's survival but can only hope for SAS'.

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