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Hi SoS....

The resin gobbed "thermocouple". If a source of temperature sensing, could it be it is the sole sensor?

Would its placement more or less in the middle of the upper area be an attempt at a "generalized" reading?

It seems that no one battery can be "switched out" from the series?

The conjecture would depend on the design consideration. 170 degrees is the threshold of exothermic reaction at the Cathode, per the paper I linked. The Anode can go exothermic at lower temps, again the same paper.

Or could the "Thermocouple" be a fusible link of some description, tripping the main Battery breakers, in anticipation of runaway?

Is your photo of the "shadow" from the incident battery? Being empty, one wonders if the attachment itself might be the source of an open circuit, that trips the breakers? By design?

thanks for the photo
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