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My advice would be to really do your research and identify a charity that you can form a 'relationship' with and that has a relevance to your organisation. We work in the education sector, so the charities we support is relevant to that.

Once you've identified a 'cause' to support, look to meet with the people from some of the charities that work in that field and get to know them. You'll know which one or ones to support having met them.

With any donation you want to be able to 'see' where your money is going and the tangible difference your donation can make. The company I work for has a long history of supporting a number of charities but choosing which charities to support is always difficult....there are so many and so many worthy of our support.

For us, it was important to ensure we could see where our donations were spent and show employees what their fundraising had enabled. Having done our research and identified which charities to support, we have donated around 100k over the last few years. Happy to talk further if it helps or we also have info on our website about our charity work too which may give you some ideas - The Brookwood Partnership Limited | What's New or Independent Schools' Contract Caterer - Brookwood Partnership
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