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Contrast that with this, the battery pack for a self-launching glider.
Each cell is individually (and redundantly) monitored for voltage and
temperature, with the facility to automatically heat the batteries to
keep them in the ideal operating range if the OAT is low.
Amazing and looks like a beautifully engineered piece of kit. Shows how
it can be done / should be done and wonder how the 787 managed to get it
so badly wrong.

Even if that wiring harness on top of the cells uses high temperature
cable, it would have been far safer to have physical separation. Perhaps
an overall moulding plate covering the cells, with small access holes for
each of the wires to screw down to the terminals.

As for the thermocouple, the group here have already discussed the
merits of individual temp sensing, but even cheap computer power supply
temp sensors do a more workmanlike job than that and are never just glued

What were these people thinking ?...

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