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Ian W

Thanks. That takes us back to the beginning, in a good way. There was an energetic discussion regarding the potential problem that resulted in the grounding. My first reaction, and others, too, was that it likely was an ops thing.

New Technology? Well, Yes. If a system is recognized as a challenge, it is incumbent upon the airframer to support its entry into the operational. Training, monitoring, on site assessments, etc.

Especially so if this innovative solution is flight critical?

ROLLS made a minor mistake in the design of its TRENT 900. It was recognized, AD'ed and rectified. But for a "Duff Oil Pipe", the mistake would have gone unnoticed, save by wonks who read the AD's.

The engine builder was in process with a suitable upgrade when QF had an uncontained event, far more serious than what we see with the 787, imo.

What can happen, WILL happen, unless one has a lucky bunny foot.

Were the FRP batteries an upgrade? Or Boeing's willingness to support a poor system with endless replacements at a cost of a quarter million a year per a/c?

I think BOEING had it figured out, was in process, and got caught out by the few units it was gettng to, but did not quite get the problem rectified.

Is there another way to see it?

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