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PilotofDoha, if you read carefully, you will actually see that some of the people physically were in the office.

I also have talked to several people in the office(s), and I have the mobile numbers of the Senior Recruitment Management (and no, sorry I cannot hand those over, otherwise theyll go crazy getting 300 calls from talent pool people, not even via pm). All information I got has been stated already.

I have many friends flying with Qatar and they all tell me similar.

Also, unless youre local or very lucky/have good connections (relatives preferably), they wont call you as NTSO so far. I know it has nothing to do with my results and documentation. Results were very good and documentation is all complete/green.

Fact is, if you got no hours and no type rating, youre absolute bottomlist priority, as QR now has contracts with CTC and also their own flight school since ages.

If you have hours and no type rating, you are still not preferred as you will most likely end up as NTSO or NTFO (depending on your flight experience).

As stated before. There are people with a few thousand hours on turboprops (e.g. ATR, Dash8...) that have -appart from the hours- the same priority as you, speaking NTSO. And some of those turboprops are sometimes harder to fly than some jets as they hang inside the weather all the time, while jets just overfly them. Still - NTSO.
So who would you hire as company? Someone who just came out of flight school with 0 experience or someone who knows every day procedural knowledge within aviation?

As others have said. If you can afford sitting around waiting for QR to come and gamble while daddy pays your bills, go ahead. To be honest, I cant afford to wait longer. Ive waited for appx. 15 months now and every news I get are worse.
Contract coming
Contract delayed
Contract delayed further
SO recruitment on hold
Talent pool instead
Talent pool - maybe reconsider your choice
Talent pool - seizing hiring of SO

Awaiting "End of February" update which will either tell me:
(times are estimates)

A - you will be hired, training starts April
B - you will be hired, training starts November
C - you will get an update in April
D - you will have to do a reassesment because the application took too long
E - No SO hiring in 2013 anymore

In my case, I will wait for QR until May latest, after that I will go for another fix offer I got. I will not bail another offer because of qatar anymore. It happend before and I openly regret it. The chance was one time only.

If you have another possibility though, dont hesitate.
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