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RK303, WTF are you talking about? Your boring me and probably many others on this thread.

If you are going to quote me from last year/early year then at least put it in context. If you are silly enough to wait without applying for other work the thats your problem.... thats what "if at all" "plan B" means.

Things change here at a whim. So, when that was posted that was shaping up to be the case. Clearly you are an armchair QR expert, so I will leave you to your opinions.

Just to give you guys some insight from a current SO.
Training as you guys know IS very slow. There is no communication with what is going on and when our training should resume.
I would have no problem with the wait as I understand that there is no training capacity, however I would have appreciated some communication, updates, an appology perhaps, but hey..

What disagreeable says is all true. Though harsh, he isn't a hater of QR, everything he says is true, but it is all how you deal with it.
I know guys that sit and bitch about what has been going on for the past few months and just complain, others that are happy they are getting paid, enjoying their time off, studying, and just taking it easy.

I may have not been here for as long as disagreeable, but I have enough friends to know that QR is not all horrible, nor all amazing. It is a matter of how open minded you are, how much you are willing to adapt to, and most importantly it is just a place to work, for a lot of people, a transit destination if you will..
Having said this, there are ALOT of guys who have been here 5 years + and don't intend to go anywhere..

In regards to training, I have some friends who are finally flying quite a bit this month, 10+ flights, after months of being home, which indicates that things SHOULD be getting better for those that have been here longer..
Whether FTSOs get priority over NTSOs that have joined much before them is still debatable..

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