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Keep It Simple Stupid

All my K.I.S.S. principles came to my mind.
Thank you RR for bringing this up.

This whole situation is a massive violation of KISS. This technology, which to the most casual observer should have been seen as too immature, is simply not appropriate for this application.

In a previous life, my job was to look at equipment my employer was considering buying. I certainly would have asked a lot of questions about this Rube Goldberg lash up. Didn't the airlines' technical departments ever look at it or did they just buy "a pig in a poke?"

Obviously the designers realized the fragility of the technology and introduced a convoluted monitoring system (which really didn't work) instead of just using a mature technology which might have weighed a couple of hundred pounds more and been a hell of a lot safer. The cost saving realized by shaving a minor amount of weight from the airplane has already been wiped out in the last month of groundings.

It's fine and dandy to discuss what went wrong with the current technology but that won't get the planes back in the air. Boeing et al need to get to work and substitute a mature technology for this convoluted mess and get back to flying airplanes.
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