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Yes, CX contracts tend to fluctuate in richness as time marches on, but is in NO WAY worse pay than it is is to be a QR SO
To be more accurate, we need to go deeper with the cost of life in Honk-Kong wich I think is one of the highest in the world, even worst regarding accomodations. PLUS, a specific training loan is subscribe by the SOs in HKG when they start.Any failure, youre dead.
Im not not sure about that but Ive also heard foreign SO are not allow to buy appartments in HKG before 9 years or something after their DOJ. Taking into account SOs are clearly stuck and force to live in HKG due to the nature of their contract and licences at the end of their training. Basically better to start there before you reach 25years old.

Now as a CX SO you DONT serve coffee
This is the case on the Cargo fleet but Ok I exaggerated things here lol. But more seriously, in CX SOs are mostly used on long haul for crewing economy, CX use them smartly during many years to cruise the aircraft while the crew go to sleep as they are cheaper. A big difference when QR want them to be upgrade quickly to FO.

Don't put words in my mouth and then call me out on it; I never humiliated anyone or called anyone 'scam' or 'dirty'...etc! I will however, put you back in your place if you try to misdirect what I say.... like this instance.
The Second officer thread have been strangly deleted. I have in memory few words of your last post there but anyway I cant recall it so my mistake if there were any misinterpretation.

Good luck to the SOs in Doha or those still waiting their DOJ if it happen. I dont see any benefit for QR to send you updates then not hire youbut if that No SO in 2013 info is correct they should at least send you a game over e-mail with apologies...
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