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There will be no sugar coating.

The other airline hiring SO’s is CX, after you trained you have to cruise during 4-5years to serve coffee and help the crew to sleep before you become FO while being paid crap.....So for the 100+

SO’s in Doha and those waiting their DOJ since 1 year now it is still OK taking into account the upgrade is faster with QR
WRONG. I know at least 4 SO's in CX and a few FO's and the odd Cpt.

Yes, CX contracts tend to fluctuate in richness as time marches on, but is in NO WAY worse pay than it is is to be a QR SO; You said it yourself, CX are organised and communicate, something QR does not do well at all.

Now as a CX SO you DONT serve coffee, you DONT get treated badly, you DO get around 18 - 20 days off a month and about 65k - 75k USD for the privilege, all on a Widebody!
Not bad for a low houred unemployed jet pilot wanna-be who is apparently struggling financially and/or career wise, in a company you could stay in long term;
If you knocked back an offer with CX waiting for QR,then you deserve no sympathy.

Currently, CX SO's are upgrading to FO in 3years or less. One I know is just under 2 years.

Yes I agree, the upgrade is faster at QR, but only if they decide to train you quickly! 18 months to get trained at QR (50% - 70% of your SO time at CX done already!)

What I mean is it is useless to talk to them like there are many options everywhere.
HA, please read my previous posts and read between the lines.

Are you saying that Jet jobs are the only jobs worth having when your a low houred pilot? LOL, listen, if you are low hour pilot/no jet exp, then sitting around and not trying to find suitable flying work because your waiting for a jet job, then go right ahead and waste your life in vain/hope.

Yes times are tough, agreed, but that should not stop you looking and applying for other flying jobs.

@Disagreeable.You’re not helping at all so better to say nothing.
Your advice of not posting true information because its not "helping to be hopeful" is ridiculous. In fact, its comments and suggestions like this that is actually "not helpful" by trying to skew the information flow here!

They will prefer you, in your actual position, to go knoc the door of the HR with the same energy you used to write your posts, to ask them to clarify the situation of each SO’s with official e-mails. If they had time to interview so nicely so many people, they have time to state clearly who will be hire or not and you’ll not see people staying here desperately.
This has been done RK303, some people are helping only there friends get in.... I have pushed for the emails to be sent, but they dont do it... why dont they? (is it sinking in yet?)
So please dont bad mouth me or anyone else taking the time to post whats happening (regardless whether you like the info or not), take a deep breath and read between the lines!
There is only so much one can do.

I have noticed things change rapidly here and you may unexpectedly get a call... But I wouldn't stop looking for other opportunities in the mean time.
Everytime you’ll give hope to those waiting, they’ll wait. If you want people to go to do something else instead of waiting desperately, tell them clearly what they expected is dead, officially.

Then they’ll move. You can humiliate, make them poor, say they are dirty, scam, campers or idiots to wait, they will stay by the time there is hope.

Don't put words in my mouth and then call me out on it; I never humiliated anyone or called anyone 'scam' or 'dirty'...etc!
I will however, put you back in your place if you try to misdirect what I say.... like this instance.

agreed, false hope is draining. QR HR are well aware of this and this is all for their benefit.. Just because you are in the hold pool, does not mean they are obligated to you. How many times do I and others need to point out that QR are not overly sympathetic to you, especially to those in the hold pool.

If they need you, they will hire you. until then, if you have nothing to really offer other than another warm body in a uniform, then you will be waiting. simple. no fluff. no hope given. dry your eyes and keep marching on.

I’m .....astonished to see that things can’t be done nicer for such respectable airline.
Alot of people in QR and obviously those waiting know this, and much of information has been posted about the 2 star airline treatment of crew.

RK303, my information, which, has been accurate, re. hiring practices is not meant to be hopeful sugar coated meaningless PPRuNe drivel.... its an informed opinion, more informed than most here.

if you or others want to stay in your dreamy world of aviation jet job hope then fine, stay there if your belly is full or if your living with your parents, then all good to keep hanging on for QR.

But, if your struggling with $$ or have other responsibilities, you would be a fool to not be looking for other opportunities in the mean time, and then I if you get a QR offer, then join if you have nothing better on offer.

I have mentioned about the hiring of SO's, FO's for the next 6 - 8 months, of which others have then posted "friends" information saying the same thing!

So get it through your head, I have information, I share it when I can, I help out behind the scenes when I can, and the rest of your life/career is up to you. Dont waste it on "illusions".

Good luck all.
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