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Efficiency in public administration ?

In reaching that result the temptation, if not overt policy instruction, has been to permit increasing levels of self regulation, which in banking in the US, UK and EU, lead to an orgy of corrupt, vicious, and outrageously indulgent and dishonest behavior, of the type that in the US has been largely forgiven, and on the other side of the Atlantic, appears to be largely if somewhat slowly subject to fiercer prosecution of corporations and individuals.
I have always been a firm supporter of Ben's views, but in this case I believe he misses the point. Not only has self regulation been applied to "industry" but also to "regulators" globally, hence
lead to an orgy of corrupt, vicious, and outrageously indulgent and dishonest behavior
. When the AG, the Ombudsman, ICC, ACCC, Ministers, et al (their own departments qualify) blatantly disregard warnings from respective industry, statistics and individuals it is an indication of not just inadequacy but full blown corruption. Would the allegations against the PM just be an isolated case?

Efficiency in public administration must not mean weakened standards. The goal must be better administration, not less effective administration. Be it in the FAA, or EASA, or CASA.
"Efficiency in public administration" a bit of an oxymoron, but say it was possible, certainly not by more legislation/regulation. Maybe its time to get some professionals in their respective fields, there for their knowledge and dedication to the particular industry and not just for the $$$'s. It took me a while to understand why the CASA building(s) were referred to as "handbrake house" must be those new "carbon"brakes? Very effective

cc. to Ben
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